CEP Women's Short Socks The Short Socks are the perfect companion for greater Ankle Stability and maximum freedom of movement.

Precisely tuned compressive fibres surround your feet for a second-skin feel with zero bunching. These socks offer metatarsal compression in the mid-foot region to prevent swelling in the feet occurring from intense exercise. These all-rounders and can be worn for all sports from running, to golf, to football. The four-inch cuff height sits just below the calf and delivers amazing compression for improved circulation plus stability from the ankle down. Anatomically padded cushioning adds underfoot comfort and protection, while the seamless toe-closure reduces the risk of blisters and hotspots, because we know how those can ruin your day. Built to last, these socks are made with high-tech synthetic fibres that regulate temperature and wick moisture away, keeping you damp-free and comfortable on hot, longer distance days.

CEP Women's Short Socks AW18 K9B5K9QSI

CEP Women's Short Socks AW18 K9B5K9QSI

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